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Property Management System

When businesses and organizations like real estate agencies have a property portfolio, one key point in ensuring optimal development and reduced spending is the rational management of these properties. SolutionsPlayer Pvt. Ltd offers an integrated Property Management System providing comprehensive, consistent property management and monitoring procedures. The system consists of two integrated modules:

Management as the core module designed to facilitate comprehensive property management for rentals, sales, purchase, damage to property and insurance with other requirements.

The construction module is supplementary and ideal for monitoring building work, repairs, property conversions, and so on.

Determining all the necessities, Solutions Player Pvt. Ltd gives you the solution for Property Management System including following features:

General Features:

  • Custom Designing and Development
  • DIV based publishing
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Visitor Counter
  • Contact us form with auto email
  • Google Site Map
  • Social Media Integration

Properties Management:

  • Property Purpose (Sale, Rent, Wanted)
  • Country/ Cities Management
  • Property Type (Home, Buildings, Commercials or Residential Plots)
  • Property Sub Type (House, Flat, upper portion apartments)
  • Property Detail Managements
  • Picture Gallery Management
  • Embedded Video
  • Google Map

Dealer/Agent Management:

  • Profile/company Info
  • Dashboard
  • Search Feature with Filters
  • Listing Management
  • Property Ranking
  • Dealer
  • Messages to user

Blogs Management:

  • Blog Category
  • Blog Detail
  • Blog Post